Vision Journal
Artwork by Geri Schrab

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This is another idea that I've been toying with for awhile. Wanting a journal small enough to fit in my backpack or purse, large enough to be worth carrying, initially designed for my own use this journal has both field work and artistic musing in mind. Blank pages on the left for sketching, lined pages on the right for description, capturing those moments of literary genius, or just plain dreaming, it is spiral bound for ease of use. A pencil or stick pen will fit nicely within the spiral for convenience.
Vision Journal
As for the artwork and title I chose for this journal, inspired by my diverse areas of work, both court reporting and painting have taught me that positive dreams and envisioning are essential to building a better world. I believe deeply that we are each given special gifts that can bring goodness for all. This journal is a manifestation of the gift I've been given, for which I am forever grateful. Whether studying flora and fauna, recording dreams and visions or even documenting rock art, this Vision Journal is just one small tool to help you remember your own unique gifts and focus on what it is you wish to create in your future.

8.5"x5.5", 136 pages; includes a list of publicly accessible rock art sites

Vision Journal

Printed in USA (right here in Wisconsin)

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