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Contact Petroglyhphs Provincial Park, Peterborough, Ontario. Telephone: 705-877-2552.


THE LAST PORTAGE: The Biography of a man caught between two worlds of the Frontier - Born a White, raised an Indian by Walter O'Meara, The Riverside Press, 1962. NOTE: This book has nothing to do with rock art, either. For those interested in the true history of this land and the tragic cultural struggles (upon which our current culture is based), a true story that starts in Kentucky in the late 1700's, and travels into the Ojibwe country of northern Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota & into Canada. Recommended to me by several customers.

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NOTE: This book has nothing to do with rock art. However, it has to do with our children and the effects of disconnection with nature. An excellent book for anyone interested in the health and well-being of our children, the importance of reconnecting with the Earth and ideas on what to do about it.

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