The Story Behind the Work

In 1993, I was a full-time court reporter in the Wisconsin State Court System, when my husband and I undertook a backpacking trip in the Tetons of Wyoming. Prior to that time I had dabbled in artwork, a variety of mediums and subject matters, but I had no artistic training, focus nor realistic professional artistic goals. Yet in my heart I've always known it was my fondest dream.

At the end of that backpacking trip in the Tetons and on our way back to the airport in Denver, my husband and I experienced, through a most curious chain of events, our first rock art site. We were both immediately fascinated. I photographed the site extensively as he kept watch for rattlesnakes in the sage.

Returning often to those photos for the next year, I was mesmerized by one particular image. The "leash" on this glyph, according to legend, may be representative of a connection to the soul. The crack in the rock across that leash fascinated me with a plethora of interpretations. Finally approaching it artistically, "Bridging Time," my first petroglyph painting, was created in December of 1994. This piece became my first limited edition reproduction.


After completing one other petroglyph painting in 1994, I moved on to other subjects and mediums. Then in the summer of 1996 an image popped into my head and lingered for days, much like one of those songs that get stuck in your head and won't go away. Finally, I gave in and painted it. For me, "Four Ways Weaving" represents the necessity to interweave and balance the material and the spiritual realms for a whole and effective life. Visiting and painting from these ancient, sacred sites has been my exclusive artistic focus ever since.


As for my professional journey, in January 2003 I made that crazy leap of faith, gave up court reporting and the financial security my German heritage craves. In 2008, the wheel turned again. Just as many others, current events and the economy have challenged my dream. In 2009 I returned to the courtroom part time. At first I was not pleased with this necessity, preferring to follow my dream. Yet after three years there I have found it to be a blessing in disguise and embrace the lessons and gifts. I am very grateful not only for the gift of painting, but also court reporting. This fine profession as keeper of the record is interwoven with and supportive of my dream. I will continue with my art to be sure, for I cannot do otherwise. Yet my approach is changing. I am doing less art fairs, more exhibits, and currently writing a book.

Although this passion was born in Wyoming, it has both returned home to our sacred sites of Wisconsin and opened doors around the world.

I would like to be very clear that by creating these paintings of these ancient sacred sites, I wish not to take from them and cheapen or commercialize, but to learn. The titles of my pieces are not intended to reflect what the ancients were saying, but are a part of my artistic creation. Through this work I hope to open doors for others to learn, as I have, of the rich heritage of the indigenous peoples, the true history of this land we call North America, and to draw others to a closer connection with and caring for our Mother Earth.

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