Geri Schrab

"As those of us not indigenous have adopted this Land, it is important to listen to this history and learn."

The focus of my artwork is the study of petroglyphs and pictographs, images pecked, carved and painted on rock surfaces by the ancient indigenous people of North America. These original "rock art" images may not have been considered art at the time, but recordings of the stories, journeys, hunts and visions; in essence, the history of the original People. As those of us not indigenous have adopted this Land, it is important to listen to this history and learn. As more transplanted generations are born to and die on this Land, we intermingle; it touches and teaches us.

These ancient rock art sites occur not only in North America, but were created by ancient, indigenous people around the world. As of this time, I have visited petroglyph and pictograph sites in 17 U. S. States; Ontario and also Australia. Through these travels and exploration of these ancient, sacred sites, I have found although the style and execution of the original rock art images may vary from area to area, there is an underlying unity. This ancient unity echoes our common heart and essential connection to Mother Earth.

And while it is true that the rock art first called me to paint, my modern day professional experience as a court reporter has greatly influenced the style of my work, how it developed and why I am so dedicated to my subject. As the "keeper of the record," my day job is very structured, calls for perfection and puts me in the position to witness and record stories of much pain and heartache. When I enter my studio, I take the armor off my heart, release the structure, tune into my intuition and paint. I do not plan nor sketch beforehand. My paintings go directly from heart to brush to paper, with the rock art and nature as my guides. This relaxed and intuitive process of painting this deeply profound subject matter soothes my soul. It is my intention through this work to share my love of the ancients, the beauty of nature and rhythmic, healing Earth energy with others.

As with all of my exhibits and individual pieces of art, I remind the viewers of my work that rock art sites are not only fragile and irreplaceable, but sacred to many people. Should you have the good fortune to visit a site, please tread lightly. These tantalizing images are gifts from the Ancestors and should be treated with respect.


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