Coloring Book
coloring book of ancient petroglyph & pictograph
sites of north america.

Illustrated and compiled by Geri Schrab

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This is an idea that has been playing with me for some time, a coloring book for youngsters of the petroglyph and pictograph sites of North America. Since developing an artist-in-residence program for elementary students, and experiencing how well children respond to these images, I've brought the idea to fruition.

This coloring book features coloring pages from 14 different publicly accessible sites across North America that I have visited. For each site there are two coloring pages, one page where the images are large and easy to color for little ones, plus identifying the location of that particular public site and certain offerings of that park, such as camping, type of terrain, picnic areas, hiking, etc. The second page of each site is the "rock art" in context; ie., drawn within the natural setting to help bring children into a connection with the natural environment of the petroglyphs; not just disconnected images on a blank page. These "in situ" coloring pages are more complex, appropriate for approximately 9 years old and up.

Coloring Book
The coloring book also has a list of publicly accessible sites from across North America to help facilitate family exploration, plus some tips on "petroglyph site etiquette". One of my goals is to encourage, in some small way, a reconnection of youngsters, through the rock art, with the land. It is a connection that is being lost, via the electronic age, the internet and instant everything. What a wonderful stop on your next "road trip." Visit a petroglyph site, spend some time outdoors and learn a little bit about the ancient ones.

Printed in USA on recycled paper.

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