(Program can be tailored to meet the age level of your students or group)


DAY ONE - Power Point presentation taking the students to petroglyph and pictograph sites visited by the Artist.
Focus on variety of styles of "rock art" from different areas of North America, the natural setting in which the sites are found,
calling attention to the landscape and local creature & plant inhabitants, preservation and protection of the sites.


DAY TWO - Guide students through creating their own painting based on various petroglyph images.
Focus on local images to "bring them home," thereby making them more personally relevant to the students.


"The Oregon Netherwood Knoll Elementary had the good fortune to enlist the talents of Geri Schrab, a gifted, environmentally sensitive artist
who advocates the preservation of historical Native American rock art here in our own backyard. She visited our school
while we were celebrating a week of interactive multi-cultural activities to promote what we call Peace Through the Arts.
She was highly recommended by one of our 3rd grade teaching staff and we were pleased to have her
share her time and talents with us for one day. Geri gave our 3rd grade students a very in-depth
power point presentation that explained her passion for the preservation and appreciation of the cultural rock art,
petroglyphs and pictographs that she has photographed and painted from throughout our country.
Her highly informative talk held our 3rd graders spell-bound and inspired them to create their own watercolor versions
of these original rock art images. I highly recommend Geri as an artist and teacher
who offers so much in a short period of time through hands-on activities for children and adults alike."

Donald Wachter, Art Instructor
Netherwood Knoll Elementary, Oregon, WI

* * * *
"Geri's cross-curricular residency integrated social studies, visual arts and multicultural awareness.
She brought to life the images that have silently graced our land for generations.
Her message was one of preservation and beauty. It was a thoroughly engaging experience
that transported the students into the past. The atmosphere was almost mystical.
The students responded enthusiastically to her message and were very proud of their rock art watercolor paintings.
We plan to invite her back again and again."

Alice Tzakais, Art Instructor K-5
Friendship Learning Center, North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

* * * *
"Geri Schrab is an artist, adventurer, and awesome rock art expert. She spent two exciting days
with our 4th graders last November. Students traveled to preserved rock art sites around the globe
via her power point presentation on the first day. On day two, the children created their own watercolor masterpieces.
We all had an incredible experience discovering Wisconsin's hidden past.
It was an opportunity we hope to be able to enjoy every year."

Gail Dudley, Grade 4, Friendship Learning Center
North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


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