Desert Canines Necklace

1 1/2" tall on 20" chain

Sterling Silver ... $125.00

Shadowbox Technique

These pieces are made using the traditional shadowbox technique. First the piece of silver is domed and then the desired image is cut-out using a jeweler's saw and a very tiny saw blade. Then the domed piece is soldered onto a flat piece of silver. After filing and polishing, the piece is oxidized inside to create contrast. When finished, the piece appears to be constructed of only one piece of silver.  Designs can be made into pendants, earrings, rings, bolos or belt buckles. All of these images are based on actual petroglyphs or pictographs.




Mimbres Fish Necklace

1 1/4" tall on 20" chain


Sterling Silver  and hematite... $100.00


Solar Horse Pin

1 3/8" wide ... $60.00





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