Petroglyph Earrings


Mountain Lion Track Earrings

Sterling Silver and Carnelian

2" tall ... $75.00


Fetish Frog Earrings

Silver, turquoise and onyx

2 1/3" tall ... 50.00



Lightning Over the Mountain Sterling and sunstone earrings

1 1/4" tall...$85.00


Condor Earrings

 Sterling silver  and Brass

2 3/8" diameter...$100.00


Handprint with Turquoise

Sterling silver and Turquoise

3/4" tall ... $40.00



Wild Woman Earrings

Sterling Silver and turquoise

1 1/2" tall ... $40.00


Bird Dance Earrings

Sterling silver, brass, lapis and sodalite fetish

1 3/4" tall ... $47.50


Silver Spiral Earrings

3/4" wide...$65.00


Talon  Earrings

Sterling and Sunstone

7/8" wide...$55.00


Bronze Age Acrobat Earrings

7/8" wide...$55.00

Handprint on Handprint Earrings

Silver, copper and garnet

7/8" tall ... $45.00




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