"Stone Dreamers"


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Story Necklace


Canyon Dreamer


Just Dance

Thompson Wash Dreamer


Each dreamer is a one of a kind piece. I'm inspired by the natural beauty of these special stones.  Ancient peoples marked the sacredness of the landscape by placing their images there. For me the stones in my dreamers are metaphors for the landscape. I am always struck by the beauty of the natural world wherever petroglyphs and pictographs are found. I don't buy a stone with a particular design in mind. I buy stones because they are beautiful or because they speak to me. Then images invite themselves to be joined to these metaphoric landscapes. For me they represent a synthesis mysterious energy of the ancient images and the incredible energy of the natural world. These pieces are deeply personal and I like to think that I "adopt them out" to good homes.

These stones are from all over the world. Many of them are cut by Joe Jelks of Horizon Minerals.  He is a lapidary artist.  His background in geology, blended with his technical skills  and choice of minerals provide me with ideal pieces for my dreamers.   People ask me what I am looking for when I buy stones. My answer is "I'll know when the stone speaks to me."

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